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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Dream Software

When I used to work in web based business application for one of our client. I have based lot of difficulties in defining business process.
Once we complete the database design and Business coding for the business process after some month later the business logic will change and again we will alter the database design, business logic and view design also.
But when we change the process that time it will take lot of time compare than development time.
So we based lot of problem and difficulties.
Finally application went live and every thing moves very good.

In one fine day client called us and asked he want to open the same application in his blackberry mobile.
But we haven’t tested the apps in Mobile device so we informed to our client that it will take some to develop the same apps as mobile compatible.
He said ok.

That time I am thinker about my future apps.

• Once table design over, I have to generate the Business logic from that table based on User condition criteria
• Need the Business logic class should generate based on Rules.
• Once table design and Business logic over, I have to export the apps as web, desktop, Mobile based application.

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