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Thursday, December 16, 2010

J2ME Record Management System

J2ME MIDP 2.0 Low Level User Interface

Explained about controls like Canvas,Graphics

J2ME MIDP 2.0 High Level User Interface

Explained about controls like Alert,Form,List,Text Box etc

J2ME Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) Presentation

Presentation about the J2ME MIDP API & Events

J2ME Timer

J2ME Generic Connection Framework

Friday, November 19, 2010

Text Editor –Mini project for Computer Science &Engineering

This project I have developed during my college days (2002-2006) with my friends Mr.Udayaganesh, Mr.Thomotaran .After long run I want to contribute this code to the open source world and student who ever looking for this kind of application.

Technology Used are:

  1. Java –Frame,Menu

Coding Standard:

Not aware about the coding standard during college days so used single java file for entire application.

Main Method

Here with am attaching the eclipse project or just take out the file and compile with javac and run with the help of java




Java TextEditor

Below text editor will be opened.

Add your valid input.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Database Design Consideration

Here I am going to explain the database paradigm mismatch and consideration in Integration project with the context of “Database design is based on collected data from User “

Last couple of month back I am into the integration of the application It’s like to get the user details consist of state id, district id, Circle Id (in XML format) from the external application that use the set of software and database.

So we started design of database with four tables like

  1. state Table
    • stateid –primary Key
    • state name
  2. district table
    • distid –primary key
    • dist_name
    • stateid-foreign key from state table
  3. circle table
    • circle_id –primary key
    • circle_name
    • dist_id –foreign key from district table
    • stateid –foreign key from state table
  1. user table
    • user_id-primary key
    • user_name
    • stateid-foreign key from state table
    • dist_id–foreign key from district table
    • circle_id–foreign key from circle table

We developed the application based on above data base design with out proper communication between the vendors.

So I have written the code for fetching the circle details based on circle_id only.

Like that get the district details based on district_id.

But when we started integration of the project we got the errors like primary key violation in the district table and circle table while insertion of district, circle details.

So I raised the question to vendor can u give the database design. On that same day I received the data base design but its entirely mismatched with our design Like

  1. state Table
    • stateid –primary Key
    • state name
  1. district table
    • distid
    • dist_name
    • stateid

Composite primary key (stateid,distid)

  1. circle table
    • circle_id
    • circle_name
    • dist_id
    • stateid

Composite primary key (stateid,dist_id,circle_id)

As per the design I can’t fetch the circle details based on the circle_id ,so if I want to fetch the circle details I have to pass the remaining two parameter are stateid, dist_id).

So I have to change more than 100 lines of code in my model and Controller as well as view its take me to couple of days to change the design in db and application.


Before start the database design discuss with the client/vendor about all the possible of the data and how they are keeping there existing legacy database.So finally database design lies based on data getting from user/vendor.

Friday, October 15, 2010

India Software Marketing Strategies

I like to do product development and Implementation as software developer.

Couple of months back i got chance to market(presales) our product ,In that time i have to act more are less marketing person with good technical knowledge.

During in this journey(around 15 days) i started reading books related to marketing & analysed software marketing in India(very basic analysis).i want to share this experiment here.

Indian market is very vast compare than other country .But people not willing to accept(but now its slowly increasing) technology growth and even software company in India not ready to take risk to give solution for own country.

Developing/Inventing product is not much important comparing than marketing the same and product should be used by every one day to day life.

    So here i am sharing my experience where we can market our product and how our product should be customized based on the requirement.

    Advertisement in Cloud(Internet)

      Most of the company use this approach for their product marketing but when you call them,they never respond properly if they very big company than case is very worst. So make sure product support team must active and have full knowledge of product.

E-Gov Project

Indian software company never focus in this area before 2009 even if they focus they never deliver bug free product .But now things get improved because of UIDAI. But still lot of verticale not yet used technology fully. Indian IT farm focus this are still we have lot of opportunity.

Small and Medium Enterprise application

Most of crore -pathy in India are running SME but they not aware about use of software fully,So we have to arrange meet up for all SME to demonstrate the product . In this place you have lot of business opportunity.

Social responsibility application

As of now none of social responsibility application is created and maintained by any Indian software company to address day to day issue of individual in India .So we have to focus on social responsibility application to reach people.

Hibernate Architecture and Flow of the Application

Hibernate Architecture and Flow of the Application.

What make your application more Pretty

1.Pretty GUI Design
3.Very User Interactive Application.(Controllers should be in correct place.)
4.Integrating other application.
5.Single Sign-on.

Struts 1.2 Architecture Flow

Why Struts.
what is providing for developer to make application in very efficient way.

Java List,Set Vs Mathematics List,Set

List & Set in Mathematics with Ven diagram:

I am always wonder how mathematics are related to programming language,when i started studying java collection frame work i have found how mathematics are related to computer programming and day to day life.

Lets go to 10th standard mathematics we all love Ven diagram Problem.We all familiar with operation of Union and Intersection of two Ven diagram.


Union is simply combine the value in two Ven diagram,if the value is common than its forms(Duplicate)in the List


Intersection is always form the set because its only select the Common values for two ven diagram.

Lets take example:

For example, given A = {–2, 3, 5, 7} and B = {3, 9, 11} we see that


A U B={-2,3,3,5,7,9,11}=Java List Because it has duplicate.( Array List,Vector)


A &B={3}=Java Set because no duplicate.(HashSet,TreeSet)

When ever i got chance to work with core of programming used to co-relate programming language with Mathematics.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before Software Product Demo

This article about how should prepare for software product demo.

Couple of day back I have went to give product demo to marketing person. I have only the software product with me, no other catalog, Specification and functionality diagram.

When I have started the live demo about the application without the summary about product features and domain, Marketing person could not able to understand what I am trying to explain.

So the demo is started with one-way communication I have asked the question and answer the same.

Finally realized the product demo should not be like this.

So I have started preparing check list for product demo.

Check List for Presentation:

1. Well defined Scope about the product.

2. Who are the targeted Users for the product?

3. How the current system will overcome the existing system issues.

4. Who are the competitor and how the product gives better solution than competitor product.

5. Well define workflow about the product.

6. Good pictorial representation of the workflow.

7. Understanding the audience(Marketing ,Engineering team, Support team)

8. Complete the demo with the optimistic time (Pre determine).

Check List for Software Product Installation:

1. Prepare necessary software for product.

2. If any other OS defended Driver/Software.

3. If you have laptop, configure all in your laptop for testing purpose.

4. If familiar with the Virtual machine, take that Snapshot of OS we used for testing and make the CD.

5. Play the Snapshot OS with Virtual machine player. If everything over we can complete the things within a minute.

6. Make all the needed software in Cloud.

All the above are my experience during product demo.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Integration and Working with Different Technology (VC++)

Integration and Working with Different Technology (VC++):

Last couple of week I got opportunity to work with the VC++ device oriented code. Very beauty about this device code are mostly core part of the device access is written in C program and Converted into the .dll (Dynamic link Library) file and only design view written in VC++ ,.Net programming language.

As we not have any clue about .Net programming, so we decide to go the VC++ programming language.

So our team has decide to take help from Microsoft team to setup workspace(In VC++ term Framework).

We got the smaple SDK and Sample code from the Vendors. Even we are not in a position to take help from vendor to setup the Development environment.

Microsoft team trying to Setup the Development Environment:

1. Installed the VB 6.0 in Laptop and trying to open the projectname.vcpro file but it does not open the entire project .

2. So team has started to created a new workspace and arranging the file as Header,Source,Resource then we tried to compile the apps it started throwing 53 compile “errors like cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CString' to 'const wchar_t *'

3. Next test we have installed the Entire .Net framework(3.1)(Visual studio 8) with all utility tools. Then again we tried and Its not worked.

4. I have waited couple of days the .Net team is will give some solution to that problem (I haven’t understand how they checking this code is compatible with VB 6& Visual Studio 2008.) than our team started working on some other device testing case.

5. While testing the new device they installed Service pack1(I don’t know what the Hell service pack for Development Environment) update for visual studio 8 .

6. One fine day we opened the projectname.vcpro its open with workspace and Compiled the same its working fine.

My question is why .Net developer not aware about the need of Service pack1 for this project.

How they are working with project without knowing the .Net frame work architecture.

Due to this we lost our 1 week productivity.

Any way still I have not understand what is going background of VC++ .

Where is the compiler present, how the run time operation is taken care.