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Friday, October 15, 2010

India Software Marketing Strategies

I like to do product development and Implementation as software developer.

Couple of months back i got chance to market(presales) our product ,In that time i have to act more are less marketing person with good technical knowledge.

During in this journey(around 15 days) i started reading books related to marketing & analysed software marketing in India(very basic analysis).i want to share this experiment here.

Indian market is very vast compare than other country .But people not willing to accept(but now its slowly increasing) technology growth and even software company in India not ready to take risk to give solution for own country.

Developing/Inventing product is not much important comparing than marketing the same and product should be used by every one day to day life.

    So here i am sharing my experience where we can market our product and how our product should be customized based on the requirement.

    Advertisement in Cloud(Internet)

      Most of the company use this approach for their product marketing but when you call them,they never respond properly if they very big company than case is very worst. So make sure product support team must active and have full knowledge of product.

E-Gov Project

Indian software company never focus in this area before 2009 even if they focus they never deliver bug free product .But now things get improved because of UIDAI. But still lot of verticale not yet used technology fully. Indian IT farm focus this are still we have lot of opportunity.

Small and Medium Enterprise application

Most of crore -pathy in India are running SME but they not aware about use of software fully,So we have to arrange meet up for all SME to demonstrate the product . In this place you have lot of business opportunity.

Social responsibility application

As of now none of social responsibility application is created and maintained by any Indian software company to address day to day issue of individual in India .So we have to focus on social responsibility application to reach people.

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