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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Integration and Working with Different Technology (VC++)

Integration and Working with Different Technology (VC++):

Last couple of week I got opportunity to work with the VC++ device oriented code. Very beauty about this device code are mostly core part of the device access is written in C program and Converted into the .dll (Dynamic link Library) file and only design view written in VC++ ,.Net programming language.

As we not have any clue about .Net programming, so we decide to go the VC++ programming language.

So our team has decide to take help from Microsoft team to setup workspace(In VC++ term Framework).

We got the smaple SDK and Sample code from the Vendors. Even we are not in a position to take help from vendor to setup the Development environment.

Microsoft team trying to Setup the Development Environment:

1. Installed the VB 6.0 in Laptop and trying to open the projectname.vcpro file but it does not open the entire project .

2. So team has started to created a new workspace and arranging the file as Header,Source,Resource then we tried to compile the apps it started throwing 53 compile “errors like cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CString' to 'const wchar_t *'

3. Next test we have installed the Entire .Net framework(3.1)(Visual studio 8) with all utility tools. Then again we tried and Its not worked.

4. I have waited couple of days the .Net team is will give some solution to that problem (I haven’t understand how they checking this code is compatible with VB 6& Visual Studio 2008.) than our team started working on some other device testing case.

5. While testing the new device they installed Service pack1(I don’t know what the Hell service pack for Development Environment) update for visual studio 8 .

6. One fine day we opened the projectname.vcpro its open with workspace and Compiled the same its working fine.

My question is why .Net developer not aware about the need of Service pack1 for this project.

How they are working with project without knowing the .Net frame work architecture.

Due to this we lost our 1 week productivity.

Any way still I have not understand what is going background of VC++ .

Where is the compiler present, how the run time operation is taken care.


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