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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before Software Product Demo

This article about how should prepare for software product demo.

Couple of day back I have went to give product demo to marketing person. I have only the software product with me, no other catalog, Specification and functionality diagram.

When I have started the live demo about the application without the summary about product features and domain, Marketing person could not able to understand what I am trying to explain.

So the demo is started with one-way communication I have asked the question and answer the same.

Finally realized the product demo should not be like this.

So I have started preparing check list for product demo.

Check List for Presentation:

1. Well defined Scope about the product.

2. Who are the targeted Users for the product?

3. How the current system will overcome the existing system issues.

4. Who are the competitor and how the product gives better solution than competitor product.

5. Well define workflow about the product.

6. Good pictorial representation of the workflow.

7. Understanding the audience(Marketing ,Engineering team, Support team)

8. Complete the demo with the optimistic time (Pre determine).

Check List for Software Product Installation:

1. Prepare necessary software for product.

2. If any other OS defended Driver/Software.

3. If you have laptop, configure all in your laptop for testing purpose.

4. If familiar with the Virtual machine, take that Snapshot of OS we used for testing and make the CD.

5. Play the Snapshot OS with Virtual machine player. If everything over we can complete the things within a minute.

6. Make all the needed software in Cloud.

All the above are my experience during product demo.


  1. Ya u r rite dude.... this is the rite step to do on product demo... We are following the same in our company.

  2. I think you have missed the presentation part, ideally the presenter should showcase 5 minutes of presenation slides before any product demo so that even a layman understand what movie you are going to play in the next few minutes or else everything might sound jargon to them. The demo is said to be complete only when the audience receives the message that you want to convey to them.....

    Rest of the points are perfect :)


  3. @Dinesh
    I agree with you.I really missed.
    thanks for the Input...

  4. A product demonstration does more than just prove that the product exists and that it works as advertised.

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