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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Java 7 Presentation (Project Coin)

My presentation was Java 7 launched event in Java User Group Chennai at 9-July-2011

Covered topic in Java 7 Presentation (Project Coin):

· Java Language enhancement history from version JDK 1.1 to Java 7

· Definition of Java7 Project Coin from JSR 334 Lead Joseph D.Darcy’s

  • Java 7 Language enhancement

1. String in Switch(alternative for if else statement with String)

2. Binary Literal(0B) and Underscore in literal for more readability (int binary=10_1)

3. Multi catch and more precious rethrow

4. Try with resource statement(Automatic resource management)

5. Diamond Operator(Generics)

6. Improved Compiler warning for varargs.

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