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Sunday, September 20, 2009

History of web application Development:

Initial Development:

  • Before 90's no one used the Internet
  • only the American army is used the Internet for sharing information between two terriotory.
  • In 1995 commercialisation of the Internet began.
  • Initially the web pages are static only.
  • Static page are not specific to particular customer.
  • In later the Dynamic web pages are changed the way to modern web world.
  • Dynamic content are specifically targeted for a particular customer.
  • Initially all the dynamic web pages are developed using CGI(Common Cateway Interface) technology.

Intermediate Development:

  • In 1995 Java enabled Applet changed the face of web pages more elegant.
  • JVM enabled Browser can display the applet in browser.
  • Using applet we can get the user input and based on the user input display the data.
  • In 1997 sun micro system released Java servlet technology ,that enabled very quick response to client as well as new dimension to the web technology.
  • Servlet has more efficient execution model than CGI because they are multi thread instead of requesting new process for each request.
  • Later JSP was introduced by sun microsystem for easy of web development.