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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Portable Windows Application for ALL

This article is about portable windows application installation in any portable hard disk (PEN drive, Portable Hard disk).
I am a frequent reader of Hindu News paper (daily). Last Monday (22-March-2010) education plus edition they published an article under the title of “Simple solution in a ‘flash’” (URL:
Whom it’s used?
It’s extremely use full for developer/manager at the point of client demo or student for presentation.

Where to get in cloud?
Refer the for details information about the portable application.

What are the application are supported?
Refer the for supported products.

Its will support the different types of portable application very from web browser, office, games application.

I don’t want to explain the further details because all details are available under the URL.

Feed back are welcome.

Marimuthu Rajagopal.
(Passion for Software Product Development)

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