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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scope of Smartcard Application In India

There is lot of opportunity in India for smartcard based application development and integration project.For brief history about smart card refer my previous post

History of Smartcard

How does smartcard going to be a part in our life In India:

In the form

  1. Driving license
  2. Passport
  3. Debit/Credit card in Bank
  4. In hospital for Identifying there Patient with there existing disease.
  5. Even the call taxi operator are planning to issue the smartcard to there customer for minimize the fraud in vary amount charged to the same trip and safe of the customer(where they are departure and boarding details are captured)
  6. Retails owner are also going to issue the smartcard to the customer for introducing different scheme for there retain customer.

So there is lot of other project also in pipe line …

What are the threats are involved:

  1. Theft of smartcard
  2. fraudulent
  3. multiple smartcard( multiple passport, multiple driving license) for the same user
  4. No Centralized authentication server for identifying & verifying the person.

What is the solution for all above threats?

UIDAI-Unique Identification authority of India

1. This authority is going to capture Demography, Bio-metric, Iris details of the entire citizen in India

2. Its check the de-duplication of user details and provide AADHAAR id to the all citizen

3. This project is in pilot version now. I hope this AADHAAR ID going to change our living style in India.

We can use this AADHAAR ID for identifying the person.

Even they ready with all the details and online verification of bio-metric details like finger print verification already in pilot.


Who ever planning to do smart card based application development in India please keep your eye in each and every movement of UIDAI.

So we can deliver very robust & secure application to end user.


  1. Samrtcard has immense potential in India. The biggest e.g. is UID project - mother of all IT projects :)

  2. thanks for valid input