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Thursday, December 3, 2009

History of Smart Card:

History of Smart Card:
Smart card is integrated with almost every human life in the form of Credit Card/Debit Card /PAN Card/Driving license.
In future Indian government has plan to issue Smart Card for every citizen in India through Unique ID(UID) Project. Using UID we can track the every human details from birth to death like data of birth,any government scheme is reached to individual,below poverty level,financial position etc.
So here i am giving the brief history about the smart card.
This article prepared bae on “Smart Card Hand Book”.This article brief about only about who and when the smart card development is started and what is the current trend.
Birth of Smart Card :

  • The Birth of the smart card is started in the USA in the early 1950.

  • Smart Card is in the form of plastic card(Made of PVC).

  • The first commercial use of smart card is issued by “Dinner Club in 1950”.Initially this card is accepted by only few restaurants and hotel so its called “Travel and Entertainment Card”.

  • The entry of Visa and Master card is change the plastic card into the modern “Plastic Money” in the form of Credit Card.

  • Use the Smart Card as “Credit Card” introduced in USA. later its spread all across the world.
    Generation of the Smart Card:

  • First Generation: This type of card generally served as data storage media like card holder name,signature using that only they have to authenticate.

  • But its increased the fraud and forgery's .Even the Bank and Merchant has to record the card holder name and signature and authenticate the same also provide the lot of loop hole in security.

  • Second Generation: Magnetic stripe on the back of the card, which allow the digital data to be stored on the card as machine readable form as supplement to the visual information.

  • second generation card are minimized the lot of paper work on this field.

  • Card identification is based on the Personal Identification Number(PIN).

  • This method has lot of loop hole in security , any one can read,rewrite and delete the data with necessary equipment.

  • Micro electronics:In 1970 Integrate data storage and processing logic on a single silicon chip and make into the single integrated Circuit.

  • This Integrated Circuit is patent by German Inventors “Jurgen Dethloff” and “Helmut Grotrupp” in 1968.

  • This is followed by another Japan inventor “Kunitaka Arimura” in 1970.

  • But the real progress is begin when “Roland Morena from French” registered his patent in 1974.

  • After 1974 the raw material for the smart card development cost is reduced.

  • So basically the German and French are the played important role in developing and marketing the smart card to the world.

    Break Trough in Smart Card:

  • In 1984 the French PTT(Postal and Telecommunication services agency) successfully launched the trail version of smart card .

  • This smart card has high security and reliable.

  • From 1984 to 1985 the German was conducted the trail of smart card from magnetic strip to the Optical storage.

  • This comparative test is lead the development of the card in more extension.

  • By 1986, Several million smart telephone card were in circulation with France alone. The total rose to 60 million in 1990.
    we will look in next article how the smart card is affected in telephone and bank industry.Reader's comments and feedbacks are always welcome
    Thanks & Regards,

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  1. Hello MariMuthu Rajagopal, Your Blog is really Helpful for newbies like me.
    I guess you have worked with GemsafeXpresso smart cards.
    I am facing problem in external authenticating it.with Gemalto tool.its ok.but i want to implement it myself.
    So can you Please Tell me what is procedure to generate cryptogram.
    Steps Are: Initialize update then get challenge then external authentication.
    apdu traces are
    Initialize Update
    -> 80 50 00 01 08 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 (00)
    <- 4D 00 40 82 D0 01 23 25 25 56 FF 01 C1 64 C0 1A 12 C1 E8 12 07 03 BC 8C 28 4A 9C 84, 90 00

    External Authenticate
    -> 84 82 00 00 10 66 2B 64 5B A8 F6 35 CC DA 46 DD B9 1C CA 78 2E
    <- 90 00
    My problem is how it generating 16 bytes of Cryptogram.
    I need it urgently.
    Thank You.