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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Technical terms for Software Professionl

What does Mean white paper?
In information technology, a white paper is often a paper written by a lead product designer to explain the philosophy and operation of a product in a marketplace or technology context. Many if not most Web sites for software products include a white paper in addition to a frequently-asked questions and more detailed product specifications.

What is GNU?
GNU is a operating system and its composed entirely with free software.
Its Name acronyms of "Gnu Not Unix".
Development of GNU was initiated by Richard Stallman.

what is GNU GPL?
GNU GPL :=GPL acronyms for General Public License
GPL is developed for GNU project(Ref:what is GNU).

GNU is a best example of the Copyleft(Ref:what is Copy Left) license.
GNU impose derived work also come under Copy left license.

What is Copy left license?
Its removing restriction on distributing copies and modified version of work for others.
Same freedom should be in modified version.

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