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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Java Card Technology Over View

This article will give the overview about java card technology.In this article i have introduced new method of explaning the new concepts like question and answer format.Like how Java Card Virtual Machine different from Java Virtual Machine.
PreRequirments is:
Basic Knowledge about Java Programming.

Valuable inputs are always welcome.

Architecture Overview:
what is java card technology?

Java card technology enables programs written in the java programming language to runs on Smart Card and other resources constrained devices.

How about smart card Memory and Process capability?

  • Smart card is the one of the smallest computing platform.

  • Most of the smart card memory constrain about 1 KB RAM,16 KB EEPROM(Electronic Erasable Programmed Read Only Memory) and 24 KB of ROM(Read Only Memory).

    what are the Challenges in Smart Card Technology?

  • Greatest challenges of java card technology design is to fit Java System software in a smart card. (In terms of Memory space).

    what is the solution for implementing smart card technology into the Smart card?

  • Solution is to apply the split model of the Java Card Virtual Machine(JCVM).

  • Java card Virtual machine is split into the two parts. one is runs “Off-Card VM” and others that runs “ON-Card VM”.

  • ON-Card VM ” is embedded with the java Card by java card vendor.

  • Off-Card VM” is used by the Java card programming(Applet) application developer in development environment.

  • so many task will not run on “ON-Card” VM such as class loading,byte code verification,resolution and linking and optimization, are dedicated to the “Off-Card VM”.

    How the Java card Technology runtime environment is working(communication between java program and smart card memory)?

  • Java card technology defines a runtime environment that supports the smart card memory,communication,security, and application execution model.

  • Java card runtime environment conforms to the smart card international standard ISO 7816.

what is the features of the Java Card Runtime Environment?

  • Its provides the clear separation between the smart card system and the application.

  • JCRE handle the Underlying complexity and details of the smart card system.

  • For Developer its providing the High level Programming interface to communicate to the smart card(API).

What Java card technology provide a platform to run the Java program in Smart card?
  • Java Card technology defines a platform on which application written in the java programming language(Applet) can runs in smart cards and the application.

How the split Virtual machine(ON-Card,Off-Card) implementation is developed?

  • This implementation is considered of the three parts.

  • Java Card 2.2.1 Virtual Machine (JCVM).

  • Java Card 2.2.1 Runtime Environment(JCRE).

  • Java Card 2.2.1 Application Programming Interface(API).


JCVM:Specification defines subset of java programming language and virtual machine suitable for smart card application.

JCRE: Describe java card runtime behavior including memory management,applet management and other runtime features.

API:Describe the set of core and extension java packages and classes for programming the smart card applications.

till now we have looked the overview of the Java card technology even who have idea about java technology also understand.
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